Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo

Before I list the reasons why Ryan and I like Taronga Zoo, I wanted to say a few things first. As a child, I have always had mixed feelings about existence of Zoos around the world. I always believed wild animals should roam free. I always believed wild animals should not be taken from their [...]

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail

Ryan loves it because: 'trail goes forever!!' (It's 8.4km long). Path is great for cycling and it makes a cool humming noise at times! Bridges and more bridges. Bird watching is next level (so many different species). Going there means couple hours of good outdoor fun. I love it because: path is bike AND pram [...]

Calmsley Hill City Farm

Ryan loved it because: it had farm animals AND wild animals. It even had pythons! Working dog show was so much fun. You can feed and pet cute little animals. You can run around. Tractor ride was awesome! I loved it because: it's educational for city kids who generally only see farm animals in picture [...]