Couple days ago, Ben was walking around the room, holding on to furniture, and he did that silly prewalker thing where they forget they can’t walk as yet but none the less decide to let go of the furniture. No matter how many times you tell them letting go off furniture too early never leads to anything good. Thump. He fell backwards, right on his (well cushioned) bot and then the most incredible thing happened – Ryan started crying! He actually cried longer and louder than Ben did! And I thought it was just too darn cute. Well not the falling down or the crying part – that’s always so painful to watch, little darlings – but the bond already formed between the brothers. Don’t get me wrong, Ryan still snatches his toys from Bennie, tries to be centre of attention, and throws a tantrum here and there if he believes we are not listening to him and instead devoting time to Ben, but those moments are now few and far between. Instead, we get solidarity and as a mother, you can’t help but feel like you’re goals! 😉

When asked why HE’S crying, answer I got was ‘I don’t want Bennie to ever fall down and hurt himself’. Like I said, goals.

But before I pat myself on the back and think my job is done, I should mention that it was short lived. Moments later I caught him trying to scare poor Bennie with his raptor hand (which btw I won’t even try to describe – nowadays toys baffle me).

But just wanted to say that for a few gorgeous moments there I felt like I’m winning. The end.

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