I haven’t blogged entire month of December as I’ve decided to keep my favourite month of the year blog free and shift all the focus on making memories with my family. So go figure, December turned out to be the month I wanted to write about so many things – from Ben’s firsts and how I deal with it all to getting ready for Ryan’s first day of school, lack of any free time lately and how it’s affected me over the last few weeks, and many many other thoughts I’ve had about many many things when it comes to anything life related. Over-thinking has always been my thing! And I’ll eventually get to writing about it all, slowly, one by one…

But as a nice transition into this new year – which is shaping up to be interesting to say the least – I wanted to share some of my ‘new year resolutions’.

See, I am just like any other person out there who claims to NEVER make New Year resolutions. Subconsciously however, I do. The only difference is that I don’t make them on 1st of January (but all year long instead) and I call them goals. But seriously, it’s the same thing! And let me tell ya – I’ve really been into goals lately. Big time.

Let me explain.

It’s a no brainer that having kids changes people. Whatever that change may be initially when the shock of having a baby hits you (which is generally temporary ‘holy crap’ kinda shock, right?!) I reckon the real change happens once your kid is a bit older or you have another one. Or like in my case, both. It must have something to do with the fact that as much as I love seeing them grow, I start calculating everything in years and frankly, it started to scare the living crap out of me! So for me, both my short and long term plans all of a sudden started revolving around them. What I want my life to be is all about them lately. And I’m so very proud of that. And I don’t mean that in an over obsessed mummy who only talks about her kids kinda way (in fact, I should be taking about them more – apart from this blog and my insta page, I generally don’t talk about my kids unless asked) but more that decisions I make lately – whatever the topic may be! – are influenced by how those decisions will affect my kids now and later. I’ll be honest here – I’m still a long way away from where I’d want to be, not just as a mum but as a human being in general. But here is a list of my current goals that will no doubt change and evolve continually. And isn’t that better than new year resolutions – no real deadline and no danger of disappointing yourself if you simply can’t achieve them all in 2018. And I can’t.

  • Yell less. No seriously, I don’t know when and how it happened (5 yr old throwing some serious attitude lately maybe had something to do with it) but it must stop! Out. Of. Control.
  • Count to 10 before overreacting. Ok, maybe to 20 actually (that will also help with goal No. 1)
  • Do more kids stuff at home. Yes, dishes will not wash themselves and dinners will not cook themselves, but blaming everything under the sun (too tired generally my excuse) for giving Ryan my phone to play games when I have few spare moments, instead of playing with him needs to stop! Bring on more pretend play, reading, drawing, train track building, board games, etc (you name it cause both Ryan and Ben seem to love ANYTHING as long as family is in the mix). Even 10 minutes is better than none.
  • Do more kids stuff outside. More biking, scootering, walking, play grounds, beach days and most importantly, more play dates! I am fairly good considering time constraints with work when it comes to the first bit but terrible at play dates bit. However, more of everything is a must!

AND (the biggest one)

  • Exhausted or time poor or whatever the case, not treat my kids as inconvenience cause I’d rather be doing something else. I mean, of course there are times I just wanna sleep or read a book or even just sit there and stare at the wall in a quiet room (Duh! I’m only human) but instead Ryan asks to play cops and baddies with LEGO city (elaborate dialogue required!) or Ben just wants to be held or crawl for what seems like eternity. And that is ok 🙂

That’s it. No unrealistic stuff on here guys and everything is super generic. And very achievable!

I reckon though, if I stick to these few little things my actual list of million things I should be doing better or faster or just doing at all will happen just naturally. 🙂

But for me at least, it must start with kids happiness which is so needed in this world, especially lately. X

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