As a self confessed Christmasoholic, I go overboard with gifting for family and friends. I am your perfect marketers dream around this time of year as even those first Christmas trees in the shop windows (nowadays popping up around early September) get me thinking about Christmas lists. Come Christmas Day though, it’s easy to say I don’t stick to my list much. Oh, I do get everything on it but maybe a teeny weeny bit more. Like three times more. And I think going overboard – if you are able to – is just fine. No need to apologize for it. But do also take the time to not just think, but do something about those less fortunate.

I’ll be honest here – I’d love to do a lot more. And not just for Christmas – all year round. However, to save everyone from all the ‘buts’, all I’m going to say is I try my best to help in any way I can, whenever I can.

Tree of Joy is one of those ways.

Concept is simple. You choose a tag with kids age and their gift wish, and bring it wrapped up with the tag attached before Christmas. I have been doing it for couple years now and what started as one gift has now grown to 4. There is a catch though! Ryan chooses couple tags with whatever age he is at the time (so this year it’s 5 year old girl and 5 year old boy) but he must give up two presents from his own home Santa list. He actually gladly does it cause he is old enough now to understand (to some degree) that some kids are not as fortunate as him.

So if you want to help out and live in Sydney area, this particular tree is located at:

Stockland Balgowlah – 197-215 Condamine St, Balgowlah, NSW 2093

There are still lots of tags available and ages range up to 18 yrs old!! Xx

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