25 Christmas gift ideas for the kid in your life


I initially planned this post as ’45 Christmas gift ideas…’ that would stretch this daily list out to Christmas Eve, but then mid way I realized it was an awful thing to do to people! They would have to wait till one day before Christmas to unveil this amazing list of gifts and then have only 24 hours to fight the last minute rush in order to get their choice! 😉

Simply not cool.

So here is the amended version with 25 gifts and plenty of time to go shopping!

No long intro required here. I love my kids. I love Christmas. And I looooove lists. And although I’m sure you know EXACTLY what your kids want and have been telling them since June that Santa might bring it to them if they’re good, it’s sometimes hard to decide what to get those other kids in your life. Cousins, neighbours, friends.

I hope this list gives you some inspo. I truthfully love every single thing on it and be assured that none of this stuff is sponsored/ads or whatever . It’s just pure big smile on a Christmas morning type of list. Practically magic.

25. ‘Where’s Santa? In Australia’ – $14.95 on Booktopia

Any variation of Where’s Wally? (and there are like thousands!) will do but this one is super cool for kids in Australia or a pressie for someone overseas. It’s ridiculously fun, beautifully drawn, full of Aussie things and best of all, light, making it cheaper to ship. Ryan is a fan of Where’s Wally but this Santa version really worked wonders. He totally loved it! It makes for a perfect stocking pressie too.

24. Maxi Micro Deluxe scooter – $229 at David Jones

Love love love. It’s on Ryan’s list this year and apart from being super duper cool and available in many bright colours, it seriously is the smoothest, sturdiest and most stable scooter out there. Hence the hefty price tag but it really does scream quality. Santa may just have to be a bit more generous this year (wink).

23. Lego – Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 3in1 – $16 at Target

I know, I know. So obvious, right? However this is not just another Lego – this is a dinosaur Lego! And peeps, they are rare! There were the – what appeared to me – limited Jurassic World Lego couple years back but I could not find them anywhere in Australia! They are all retired now or if you’re lucky to find a pack on eBay, prepare to pay big bucks! So enter this gem of a dino for less than $20. I might just need to get 3.

22. Aaron Blabey books – $10 ea at Big W

Hands down, funniest kids books out there. And Ryan digs books! There are many of them and they are ALL hilarious and oh so well written but if I had to name our family favourites, it would be ‘Pig the Elf’, ‘Busting’, ‘I need a hug’ and the ultimate best ‘Piranhas don’t eat bananas’, which by the way was responsible for my early labour with Ben (too much laughing!). Get them all, if you can. It will most definitely get even the non book loving kids into books.

21. Hape Amazing Animal Alphabet – $55.49 (free shipping) from thenile.com.au

I always loved puzzles and therefore love buying puzzles for kids. And yes, you can’t go wrong with Ravensburger and endless choices they offer (in fact, they made it on to this list too), but I just love this little gem. Although it’s a wooden puzzle, don’t mistaken it for a toddler toy. It’s actually 5+. I personally think any animal crazy kid like my Ryan would absolutely love it.

20. Ravensburger puzzles – many styles for all ages and tastes, starting at around $10

Like I already said, I love puzzles. And I never fail to find a Ravensburger puzzle with a motive that the kid I am buying for loves. The one featured here is $15.95 and awesome for some Christmas Day play.

19. Any kind of annual pass – Zoo, Museum, Amuzement Park, etc

I cant even begin to describe how much enjoyment Ryan gets from being able to go to the Zoo any day of the year. Every kid has a place they absolutely love to repeatedly go to. Find out what that is and getting a pass will be better than any toy they could receive. And kids annual passes are actually generally very reasonably priced.

18. 76cm Acoustic Guitar – $25 at Kmart

And they have a pink one too! Or you may think drums, keyboard or whatever other instrument would be more their cup of tea. Regardless what it is, getting kids into music is priceless. And no age is too early or too late.

17. Umbro Neo Team Trainer Soccer Ball – $14.99 at Rebel

Even if your kid doesn’t play soccer in an organized club sense, having a soccer ball (or a few if you have a dog who treats it as a chewing dog once he gets a hold of it) is a must. Umbro makes them in all sorts of colours, making it very easy to find your kids favourite one.

16. Board games!!! – around $20

I have always loved board games. It was definitely one of my most favourite things to do when it snowed or rained. And luckily for me, Ryan loves them too so I get to relive those special moments I had with my family as a kid. This is a super easy pressie for the neighbours’ kids too (especially for families with lots of kids!). If I had to choose my faves for the kiddies, these would be my top three: Monopoly Junior, Jenga and Sorry!

15. Schleich animals – from $5.25 at minizoo.com.au

If your kid is into animals, check out Schleich figurines. They make pretty much every animal that has ever existed and they are all HAND-PAINTED! Something not very common in toy world anymore. They truly are beautifully made. I don’t think a day goes by where Ryan doesn’t play with at least one of his Schleich figurines (or all – he loves building a zoo or dinosaur park!). It has most definitely created thirst for knowledge in him which has lead to love of books. The Roaring Lion featured above is on Ryan’s Christmas list this year.

14. Thomas and Friends Super Station – $199 at big w

Ok, I know this is PRICEY! And HUGE! But it combines all available Thomas and friends trains which I believe is the first of its kind. It’s obviously a major purchase but if your kid is into Thomas – and so many are! – it may be worth checking out 🙂 It really is quite impressive.

13. TRUNKI suitcase – $79.95 at David Jones

I love going to the airport and seeing loads of kids lugging all sorts of different TRUNKIs around! Ryan has the red London bus TRUNKI which came with animal stickers (for the windows) and we don’t take a single trip without him. Even the more local overnight trips. And like everything else nowadays, they now offer ‘design your own’ TRUNKI too in case you can’t find the one you like.

12. Jellycat plush toy – 29.95 for 18cm from David Jones

The ultimate soft toy in my opinion. There are many sizes and many colours but the original grey one is definitely my fave. I have bought it numerous times for friends’ kids and they’ve always been a hit.

11. Fisher and Price rainforest baby gym – $179 at baby bunting but can be found for cheaper at eBay

Maybe I’m a bit biased here cause this was actually Ryan’s baby gym and is now Ben’s, so duh, of course I love it. Reminds me of all the giggles and baby smiles that were had on this playmat. But with the jungle theme and gorgeous bright colors, in my opinion it really is the best out there.

10. DK knowledge encyclopedia – $30-$45

We have the dinosaur and animal one and they are amazeballs!! I myself have actually learnt so much about animals from these books and all the kids love them. Ryan takes them to play school for show and tell all the time and they are always a big hit. There are all sorts of children encyclopedia out there but if animals or dinosaurs are what you’re after – and we have quite a few of those! – I wouldn’t look any further than DK.

9. Surprise (blind) toy bags – $3+ from supermarkets and newsagents

Perfect stocking stuffer and what kid doesn’t like opening one (or many!) of these surprise toy bags! From Ooshies, Thomas, Cars, Disney Junior and Hot wheelz to some newer favorites like PJ Mask, Shopkins and even Lego, they can be found at every supermarket and cater to every kids taste. I’ve been adding a couple here and there with my weekly shops for the last few weeks!

8. Animal Globe for kids – $49.95 at Australian Geographic

This or any other globe would do! I love this version because anything animal themed will always win over non animal themed items at our house. But in all honesty, I have seen regular globes at Target, Kmart and even at Reject Shop all around $10!

7. iTunes gift card – from $10

Do you have a kid who loves playing with your iPhone/iPad? Yeah yeah I know everyone is a perfect parent and their kids never ever ask for their phone! 🙂 But if you are like me and therefore are not one of those perfect ones, I’m getting Ryan a $10 gift card as a stocking so he can select a game or two from the App Store for Christmas Day quiet time! If such a thing exists! 😉

6. Monster truck remote control – $23 at Big W

In the world of the monster trucks, it doesn’t get cooler than Grave Digger. And as much as I dislike that name, even I’ll admit that he is the coolest of the lot. Remote control cars – at least in our family – mean outdoor play and I’m certainly never against that!

5. License pjs – $15 at Target

I know clothes are not generally something kids want for Christmas, but put a placement print of the cartoon/movie character on it that they love and you’ve got yourself a hit! Hint – buying pjs they love actually gets them excited about going to bed too. And that is never EVER a bad thing, right?! 😉 note: this works with T-shirts too.

4. Lego Chain Reactions – $19.95 at booktopia

3 things: LEGO, kids build (actually can build themselves!) moving machines and they work and look cool. This seriously is a must for any kid who loves Lego or is just curious about how things work.

3. Crayola inspiration art case – $30 at Big W

Any kid would be super impressed upon opening this art case. It’s huge, it’s colorful (duh!), it’s got everything they need to create wonderful works of art you’ll cherish for many years to come. Throw in some coloring books with it too which you can find for couple bucks these days and you’ve got yourself some quiet time sorted!

2. Rory’s Story Cubes – $17.95 at Australian Geographic

You roll the cubes to get 9 different images and then have to come up with a ‘Once upon a time…’ story that includes all 9 things. This is such an amazing gift for a kid with a wild imagination and what kiddo doesn’t have it! And the best part is even if no one else is available to play at times, they can play it all by themselves 🙂

1. Fisher Price Little People – from $7.99+

Whether you get one or many, they are super cute, super cool and guaranteed to be loved by any toddler out there.

Merry Christmas!

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