Back to work

How dare I?! Had my 4.5 month long ‘holiday’ and now have the audacity to complain about re-entering reality.
But although life couldn’t have handed me a more chilled baby than Ben, my mat leave still wasn’t a holiday. Last Monday, I returned to work tired and I will be tired for a little while yet (by ‘little while yet’ I mean for the rest of my life). But you will not hear me complain (too much). Apart from the fact I have to leave my tiny baby at home – and miss him like crazy while at work – it’s not all that bad. Firstly, I am leaving him with a trusting babysitter – that Eastern European mother I mentioned few weeks back. Secondly, I was much bolder this time around vs last time and as such I asked to return part time. Which they kindly accepted. Thirdly, I actually love my job, and that always helps. And lastly, no overtime. No working on the weekends. No anything that puts my family second, whatever that may be.

Now – I know that’s sometimes easier said than done. I know it because I’ve lived through a different scenario not that long ago. So yes, working for a fair employer and a great boss helps. Also, being fair yourself helps too. And yes, having proven yourself enough in the past helps. But most importantly you must be a strong individual who isn’t afraid to say ‘no’. Learn that little trick, and you’re solid gold.

I think one of the biggest things that happened to me since I’ve had kids is I grew some balls. Or I’ve always had them but they just got a bit bigger. As a result, I find it quite easy saying ‘no’ when my heart knows that’s the right answer. And once I stopped being the yes man and regained the focus on my life, with it came the clarity of what I want out of future.
So here it goes:
I want to work hard but I want flexibility. I want to see my kids more. I only want to grow as an individual, not title bearer. I want less meetings. I want simpler things. I want to make my own decisions. Good or bad.

So here I am, second week into being back at work, on the countdown to the end of one very lovely work chapter but so excited for the new things to come. I feel that for the first time in my life, career wise, I truly can be.
So here’s to the new chapter. Stay tuned.
Coming 2018. x

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