#babyspam and power of ‘unfollow’

Let me be honest here – I love this topic. In fact, not just love it, I am quite fascinated by it. I may be wrong here (though I doubt) but I reckon people posting pictures of their kids on insta may be if not the most annoying, surely the second most annoying thing to their friends. Um, ok, insta friends (cause let’s not kid ourselves – no pun intended – for most part, it ain’t the same thing). And that currently makes me the second most annoying person to some of my (insta) friends. First place goes to people still using #selfie.

What fascinates me about the fact people posting pictures of their kids are more annoying than people posting pictures of their ____________ (brunch/dinner/holiday/outfit/themselves),  is what the actual reasoning behind it is. And is it really that annoying that people who follow hundreds of other accounts still choose to unfollow yours simply because you like your kids? You can’t help but wonder why, hey.

Maybe they think your kids are not that cute. After all, parents are slightly biased when it comes to their kids.
Maybe they don’t like kids (in general). After all, they can be hell.
Maybe they simply don’t understand how much kiddie things mean to you. Milestones (weeks, months, years), tummy time, first smile, hundredth smile. They don’t understand your fun (see my other post Let’s talk about…motherhood), and unfollow seems like a logical next step.

Personally, I don’t think it’s any of those things. I believe it’s got nothing to do with #babyspam or #instakids or whatever other kid friendly hashtag you choose to use. I believe they unfollowed you cause they simply do not like you. Bam.

When I think Instagram, I think one of two things. 1. Marketing tool for a business. 2. Bit of fun. I, at least for now, fit into the latter. My happiness does not depend on it. My friendships do not depend on it (most of my closest friends are NOT on insta). My life does not depend on it. And because it’s just a bit of fun, I give a lot of fun back. I ‘like’ almost everything, and follow everyone who follows me. And when unfollowed by people I actually know, I simply unfollow back. But I understand that for some people, Instagram can be many other things. Acceptance and popularity come to mind. And don’t be fooled to think those two things just disappear post puberty. And unfollowing them may mean you’re branding their life as ‘boring’.

But listen up my darlings. Toughen up. Don’t despair. At least your kids are cute and you can #babyspam to your heart’s content.

And if someone doesn’t like you, in true spirit of friendship, Instagram gives you option to not like them back. 🙂

Note: App Followers (Free) tracks accounts who unfollow you and lets you quickly unfollow them too. Have fun… 😉

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