If you’re a mama or a papa-bear, reading this post will feel awfully familiar. And maybe somewhat difficult. Especially if you’re the one who gets to stay at home. Cause if you do, you must be living your life in 3 hour intervals – that period between the feeds that goes faster than you can say ‘another cup of tea?’. And to top it off – no matter what you decide to do with that time, after a while it can have a feeling of déjà vu. So when realisation hits you, it can be quite confronting. It’s not enough that you are sleep deprived and (sometimes) shower-less, trying to fit everything you can think off in those 3 speedy hours (cause all newborn babies have a built-in alarm clock!) – you also have someone else dictating the rules. And as much as your heart is overflowing with unprecedented love, life as you know it gets turned upside down and it’s easy to feel like you’ve simply lost control of one thing you were always in control off. Yourself.

If you think I’ve gone bonkers and it’s all easy as, congratulations my friend! You can stop reading now. But if you’re like me and sometimes feel like your life has become a humourless version of Groundhog Day, knowing you are not the only one may lift your spirits! So read on.

I’d like to empty the dishwasher! I’ll hang out the washing! I wanna take out the trash! I wanna take out the trash? Of course not. But I still hear myself say those things to Andrew when he comes home from work. Reality is – anything that used to be a tedious chore has all of a sudden become a welcome escape. Even if it’s just for a few minutes. And no, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to spend time with my gorgeous little munchkin. It just means I am human. That simple.

So these are some of the things I do (or did with Ryan and will make sure I do it again with Ben) to break up the sameness of the day:

  • change up your daily walks. Different paths, shopping centres – whatever fits a pram will do.
  • having a cuppa at home is great, but having it at a cafe can sometimes be better. It gets you out of the house so in my books, it counts as a walk too! Especially if you gently rock the pram back and forth.
  • if you are keen to go to the gym but feel you can’t cause there is no-one to look after the bub, join the one that has a creche. And if it’s within a shopping centre, you may also be able to sneak out for 15 minutes and do your shopping too. They usually cost around $5 per hour with a 2 hr max! Sooooo worth it!
  • if you are keen to go to the gym but feel you can’t cause there is no-one to look after the bub AND your local gym doesn’t have a creche, search your area for mums with bubs exercise classes. There are hundreds out there. No babysitting required and baby “works out” with you (or sleeps in the pram next to you).
  • Go to “bring your baby” movie sessions. Both Hoyts and Event Cinemas have them. Tickets are usually discounted, volume is turned down a notch and yes, babies cry. And it’s totally ok. In fact, it’s kind of a thing. Amazingly, you still manage to watch a movie!
  • check out what your local library has for mums with bubs. I was amazed to find out that our local library even had a stage for weekly performances!! Amazing. And these things are usually free too.
  • go for a drive. I am not kidding. I used to do it with Ryan – especially when he was unsettled – quite often. You can even pick up some drive through and park somewhere to enjoy it! All in all, sightseeing for you, sleep time for your bub.
  • and of course, you can always take out the trash.




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