Let’s talk about…pregnancy

Let me be perfectly clear – I am not poo-pooing the act of pregnancy in the slightest! Pregnancy is – at least for us mortals – the only way to procreate. Be that your pregnancy or someone else’s in your name. And as such, it is amazing. Empowering. Almost magical. But what accompanies that act of pregnancy ain’t magical in the slightest. To put it simply – if I could just sleep through the whole thing, wake up after 9 months and have a cute little bub to show for – sign me up please! Alright, wake me up for a scan or two…

So needless to say, I did not enjoy the most wonderful 9 months of woman’s life. For some reason, that wonderfulness missed me altogether. Luckily, the end result is pretty amazing, but if you’re like me and by the 8th week start to envy a pygmy seahorse (google if confused), the big 3 reasons below will sound oh so familiar.

If however you went through all of the below and still truly, and I mean TRULY, enjoyed your pregnancy, well, what can I say, you crazy superhuman. The rest of us mortals salute you. 🙂

Morning sickness
It started off around the 7th week. Throwing up lasted several weeks. Nausea lasted till the very end. Morning? haha ALL.DAY.LONG. For those wondering what it really felt like (although I am sure I don’t need to be descriptive on the throwing up part), it was a horrific, I-can’t-go-on-like-this, metallic taste in my mouth that no amount of ginger snaps could fix. My way of dealing with it – food. And then more food. Not that it helped. It would trick my taste buds for the whole 3 minutes…
But all that extra food lead to…

Weight gain
I gained 18kg with my first and 23kg with my second. After all they do say – and you’ll hear it at pretty much every meal during your pregnancy – you are eating for two. Mind you, I ate for one plus a cow.
Of course we all know you are not really eating for two. But it’s a lovely excuse when a delicious cronut is staring at you from the cafe counter. Two for me, please! BUT – remember it will not just disappear magically once baby is out. So either be prepared to eventually sweat it hard or accept cronuts were totally worth your new mama bod. Totes your choice!

They don’t say for nothing: there is tired, and then there is pregnancy tired. I don’t really remember if I was as tired during my first pregnancy as I was during my second (already having a child probably adds some level of tiredness) but man, was I tired. Just ran a marathon tired – barely two hours after I woke up. And of course it wouldn’t be fun if you at least got lots and lots of peaceful sleep to counter some of that tiredness. I was so uncomfortable at night that I couldn’t sleep well either.  Enter cranky me. And no one likes cranky me…

And I could go on like that forever – gas (yeah, yeah, we are all ladies and ladies don’t have gas…whatever) and all the way up to not being able to tie my shoe laces.

Reality is, it was extremelly challenging for me. And I whole heartedly hope it was/is wonderful for you.




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