I woke up this morning and decided to start a cool mum blog. See, the idea never actually occurred to me prior to this morning cause, let me be honest here – I ain’t cool. Yes, I have two kids (kids – prerequisite for being a mum blogger) and an insta account (another tick), but cool nowadays is a whole other level.

From what I can gather, cool is sun shining, everyone barefoot, laughing, eating pure pops. And my 5 yr old doesn’t even like ice cream. Cool is hip. And people who say hip are not cool. Enter moi.

But lately I do feel like I have a lot to say. About babies, about kids, work, family, friendships and how it all relates to those babies and kids. Hence the blog.

And if my words encourage or help other mums and dads (or those wanting to be mums and dads) out there, well wouldn’t that be cool?

Surely that COOL will work itself out eventually.


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